Fluidkraft Scania V8 Full Hydraulic Setup Royal Treatment in Sydney


Top prime mover manufacturer SCANIA  has recently launched its first-ever 50th anniversary V8 puller truck model, which promises greater heights for any freight business. In March 2020, Scania WA Executive Manager Michael Berti handed the keys of the first limited edition V8 truck sold to Matic Group Chief Executive Officer Danny Matic, who saw the vehicle in an official visit to Sweden.

SCANIA has only released 50 limited edition V8 prime mover units marking its half-century milestone in the road transport and logistics industry. The celebrated V8 puller truck, which is all finished in Ghost White paint and gold V8 to show off its 50th-anniversary decals, is rated at 145-tonnes having a capacity to haul between 12 to 15 passenger cars of various sizes. Also expect to see the unique combination of Ebony black rims matched with great chassis details and black wheel arches, found in all new-generation R-series Scania V8 trucks.

When you look inside, the limited edition V8 model offers safety and ultimate comfort through its black leather-lined cab interiors equipped with an electric-powered glass roof hatch, a cab air-conditioning unit integrated into the ventilation system of the truck and a flat-bottomed red-coloured steering wheel. You will definitely enjoy your highway driving because of the premium audio sound system installed in every V8 model.

SCANIA is leading edge manufacturer of V8 engines intended for the heavy vehicle market and prime movers in Australia, where the V8 engine range may start at 520HP and reach as high as 730HP pulling power. This prime mover is set to become a top-notch freight forwarder, transporting new cars, industrial machinery and commercial goods safely across Australia.

Fluidkraft 24.7 Full Hydraulic Setup Royal Treatment for the Scania V8 Prime Mover

FLUIDKRAFT 24.7 Recently setup our first SCANIA V8 prime mover for PTO Hydraulics to supply a multi level car carrying trailer.

1. ABER Hydraulic Pump

ABER, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation, is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic pumps, cylinders, valves, PTOs, and various hydraulic equipment for heavy vehicles in Portugal. FLUIDKRAFT offers hydraulic component sales, consultation, servicing, and installation of quality industrial products from ABER.

FLUIDKRAFT also employs a reliable team of service technicians well-trained in providing outstanding install and repair services in all ABER hydraulic pumps used in other makes of prime movers,  trailer trucks and heavy machines.

2. ABER Slimline Hydraulic tank with stainless steel straps mounted on a FLUIDKRAFT Z120 designed custom laser cut 10mm bracket plate

FLUIDKRAFT can design and manufacture custom tank mounting solutions to suit your specific requirements. Taking in mind the location, access, servicing and also the overall look and style to suit each user and application. 

Hydraulic tanks can be mounted in various positions on a prime mover. These can be vee bottom mounted inside the chassis rail, side mounted on J brackets to the side of the chassis or behind the cab mounted on custom brackets just to name a few. We can also convert and modify a diesel tank to be split between diesel and hydraulic oil. This is often a preferred choice as finding a location to mount a 100 litre tank on modern cab over SCANIA V8 Prime mover can be difficult. The reduced fuel carrying capacity in this instance needs to be considered for the application.

3. Safety Relief Valve

Hydraulic Relief valves are a must in any hydraulic system design. These valves protect the systems components from dangerous over pressurization that could cause serious damage and/or harm to equipment and the operator. In a prime mover setup the main function of this valve is to ensure if the hydraulic connections to the trailer are not connected properly the system will relieve to the set pressure of the relief valve.

4. OCTOSE 080T Hose Minder System (Australian Made and Designed)

Installing an Octose system secures your hydraulic hoses and connecting cables at the junction between your prime mover and trailer. This significantly minimises the risk of damaged connections, thus helping you prevent road mishaps and potentially high maintenance costs.

The Octose system prevents the hoses from running along deck plates or having to be secured by some other method to prevent damage. Furthermore, adding an Octose hose minder not only helps you keep the hydraulic hoses more organised at the back of the truck, they look great and work flawlessly also.

The Octose system also eliminates the need for ugly “Suzi Coils” and “Pogo sticks” typically used to allow extra length of hoses and cables during the swing arc of the trailer when turning. When mounted and installed correctly the Octhose system is virtually maintenance free and access is easy for servicing hydraulic hoses, air brake hoses and electrical cabling.

5. FLUIDKRAFT Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

FLUIDKRAFT offers a diverse range of quality FLUIDKRAFT hydraulic hoses and fitting suitable for almost every transport and hydraulically functioning machine. It is critical to determine the right hose diameter and bend radius because hose failure may cause serious injuries, down time, road accidents and/or expensive maintenance costs. Hydraulic hoses are often graded according to allowable pressure, maximum temperature, and compatibility to the fluid content.

High pressure hydraulic hoses can provide flexibility for many different machine operations, particularly if the use of hydraulic pipes and tubes is not possible.

FLUIDKRAFT can also deliver high-quality fitting accessories that are designed to connect two components with individual ports in various sizes, a bridge between two different parts, and allow proper hose orientation before tightening up.

FLUIDKRAFT operates a hydraulic service and supply enterprise that manages a fleet of reliable mobile service trucks capable of performing the following functions at any given situation: