The Importance of Timely Hydraulic Ram Repair: Preventing Leaks and Ensuring Efficiency

hydraulic ram repair

When you use custom hydraulic cylinders in your business operations, it is very easy to take them for granted. That is, of course, until something goes wrong. If you experience a hydraulic ram leak, FluidKraft’s hydraulic repair Sydney experts can get your construction equipment, agriculture tools, or engineering equipment back to their best. Nevertheless, prevention is the best form of protection

From implementing the right strategies to prevent a hydraulic cylinder leak from developing to implementing a quick response to small faults before they escalate, the importance of efficient care cannot be emphasised enough. Whether you have an existing issue or want to prepare yourself for future situations, now is the time to give your custom hydraulic cylinders the attention they deserve.

Why You Need a Fast Hydraulic Ram Repair Response

The global hydraulic cylinder industry is valued at over USD $14.25bn and they are used by thousands of Australian businesses in various daily scenarios. The knowledge that it is possible to find quick and reliable hydraulic repair in Sydney provides an emotional safety net, but it would still be better to avoid the need for help.

Preventing leaks and ensuring efficiency will deliver a wealth of benefits including increased safety, reduced carbon footprints, improved productivity, and the avoidance of damaging downtime. Worse still, an untreated hydraulic ram leak may worsen over time and spread to other machinery parts, thus leaving you with an even larger (and more expensive) repair job. 

Untreated leaks cause the pressure on both sides of the chamber to be equalised, which will cause decreased performance while simultaneously putting too much pressure on the relief valve. In turn, the cracks will get larger pretty quickly, especially if the mechanical actuator is needed for heavy-duty tasks, such as in construction vehicles and manufacturing machinery that operates for several hours each day.

When a hydraulic cylinder leak surfaces, it could potentially put employee safety at risk due to the slips on the spillages as well as the impact of compromised machinery performances. So, a quick hydraulic ram repair response could also protect workers and the company’s reputation.

Tips to Prevent a Hydraulic Cylinder Leak

Every business that uses machinery that relies on hydraulic cylinders should focus on preventing leaks and identifying issues at the earliest possible stage. After all, this will ensure that maintenance and repairs have a far smaller impact on your daily operations.

The best ways to successfully do this are;

  • Opt for custom hydraulic cylinders that are perfectly aligned with your industrial needs and designed to handle the demands.
  • Keep hydraulic seals in good health by regularly completing visual inspections. If you see the early signs of cracking, it’s important to fix the seals before leaks emerge.
  • Use a dial gauge to check the straightness of the rods within the custom hydraulic cylinders.
  • Stop hydraulic fluid contamination by keeping reserves stored in airtight barrels while also using a Hydraulic Stop Leak solution.
  • Invest in training for all technicians to highlight the importance of maintenance and how to spot early signs of a hydraulic ram leak.

With the right strategy in place, you will reduce the frequency of needing hydraulic ram repairs. However, you cannot prevent all issues as some wear and tear is inevitable. Therefore, knowing how to act in a timely manner is vital.

How to Repair Your Hydraulic Ram Leak Fast & Efficiently

Hydraulic ram leaks may not feel like an issue that requires immediate attention. But after considering the importance (and cost) of the machinery that uses custom hydraulic cylinders, it is clear that you need to restore optimum efficiency and performance right away.

You are more than capable of completing some of the preventative measures like using a Hydraulic Stop Leak solution. When it comes to repairs, though, it’s imperative that you call a hydraulic repair Sydney expert like FluidKraft. Our experts will quickly identify the source of your hydraulic ram leak before completing the necessary restorative work.

This could mean manufacturing new rods off-site, replacing seals, barrel honing, or rec-chroming damaged parts. All of this is done to the highest standards to make your custom hydraulic cylinders work as good as new. Sadly, taking the DIY route could result in missing the root cause or only completing a limited restoration, meaning that the hydraulic cylinder leak will soon return.

The wrong response is just as bad as no response. When you get it right, though, it will translate to increased productivity and profits. If you have identified the early signs of a leak, contact our hydraulic repair Sydney experts to arrange a full consultation.