Crafting Power: Unveiling the Process of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Hydraulic cylinders are a key part of many industrial applications, performing the role of converting fluid power into mechanical. They play a part in machinery for applications in construction, agriculture and manufacturing among other key roles. So, given their importance, what is the process by which these essential components are manufactured? Let’s take a look at the key process of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, and better understand the requirements and expertise that goes into creating these indispensable parts of the hydraulic process.

The magic of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders perform essential functions, and they must perform them to a high standard again and again, so they need to be precision-engineered for the role they play. Fluidkraft crafts cylinders up to 24 inches in diameter and eight metres in length, and makes sure that every cylinder is built to the highest standards possible.

Conscious of the importance of crafting parts that work, Fluidkraft is obliged to ensure that every part of the construction process is done in-house. That’s the only way to be sure that from machining to welding, and every other part of the task, they are able to take total control and full accountability for every cylinder that leaves the factory.

Common hydraulic cylinder queries

What if my hydraulic ram leaks?

When a hydraulic ram leaks, it will either be a sign of wear and tear, or potentially a result of damage resulting from use. Fluidkraft makes sure to offer hydraulic ram repair and overhaul services. Any issues are addressed promptly and completely, ensuring that the affected part is as good as new.

Can my hydraulic ram be repaired?

Without a doubt. Fluidkraft has a highly skilled team equipped to handle the repair of hydraulic rams, meaning that you can have your equipment back in service with a minimum of downtime and ready to complete the essential jobs it is designed for.

What makes custom-made hydraulic cylinders special?

A custom-made hydraulic cylinder is tailored to its specific application; this ensures that it is capable of delivering the optimum level of performance. Fluidkraft are expert in manufacturing to order, ensuring that its components are the right ones to solve specific challenges.

What are some differences between custom hydraulic cylinders?

Custom hydraulic cylinders can differ considerably depending on their application. Key differences between the kinds we make include the action type: Single-action cylinders exert force in one direction while a double-action cylinder will deliver action in both. Telescopic cylinders are designed to extend further for multi-stage jobs. Mounting methods can also differ; some options include flange mounts and clevis. The bore size and diameter of rods can also be tailored to meet specific needs. Material choice will also be different depending on the kind of environment the cylinder will operate in, with some materials performing better in dry and wet conditions.

Industrial applications of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are essential in just about every industrial setting you can name, forming a key component of machinery used in construction, civil engineering, waste management and many, many more. They are so important because of their ability to exert force in a controlled manner on a recurring basis. In industrial settings, it is always of vital importance to have lasting, hard-wearing machinery that can operate in a range of conditions and provide consistent quality in its results. That’s why a trusted, experienced manufacturer is a non-negotiable when it comes to making hydraulic cylinders.

Fluidkraft’s commitment to excellence

Whether it’s in hydraulic component fabrication or custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, Fluidkraft doesn’t take a backward step when it comes to doing a job well and doing it completely. They have committed time and money to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is capable of constructing all of the possible components listed above, and more, so as to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of clients in a number of industries.

When a component leaves this facility, it has been machined to an exceptionally high standard and inspected and quality-controlled to the highest degree. As a custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, Fluidkraft is acutely aware of the importance of delivering components that will offer quality, durability and reliability.

When industries are working with machinery that contains these parts, they need to know that the components will perform in every situation in which they are used. This is why it’s essential that a component only leaves our facilities when it is clearly ready to do so – and why Fluidkraft takes so seriously the need to manufacture and repair to the absolute apex of quality.