FluidKraft is all about bringing together passionate engineers, high tech equipment the best systems to design custom hydraulic solutions.

Fluidkraft was born from an idea that you, our client should be able to expect superior quality, locally manufactured and designed hydraulic solutions and repairs, and for them to be treated in way that exceeds your expectations.

Led by industry veteran Chris Redondo, FluidKraft located in Ingleburn South West Sydney combines a deep knowledge of engineering with cutting-edge tooling and equipment to meet and exceed its clients expectations.

With our combined hydraulic experience of over 40 years, FluidKraft was created to address a gap in the hydraulics industry around complex hydraulic repairs and engineering in a way that has not been addressed before. Not much has changed in the hydraulics industry over the past 50 years and what we mean by that is with the service and expected deliverables. Of course, there have been massive advances in technology around certain products by leading OEM’s around the world, especially in and around the controls (CANBUS) and Variable Frequency Electric Drives as the world starts to look for alternatives to fossil fuels. This is an exciting time to be active in the hydraulics industry.

Diverse in its operations around the hydraulic engineering sector.

Our mission.


FluidKraft’s 100 year vision.

Although a 100 year vision is a difficult thing for the human mind to accept, as dreams and visions are created solely by the ever-changing mind, some features of our future can be foreseen today.

The three basic ingredients, independence, growth, and sustainability, which are critical to the worldwide success of Fluidkraft, its partners, investors, and staff, form the chief principles guiding the future of the company.

The Company will invest for the long-term prosperity that will precede future generations. This will not solely be an investment in monetary value but will involve investing in the core: its PEOPLE. We will strive to build a company that can be self-sufficient in attracting and producing people who can jointly contribute to the company’s legacy and leave behind an unambiguous watermark for future generations.

Looking from above, in 100 years the company will be a sharpened gargantuan of its former self, empowering its staff to have control over the work-life balance that so often gets ignored.

FluidKraft will be a household name in the field of hydraulics and engineering and will be associated with all facets of the manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance sectors on a world-wide level. It will be diverse in its operations around the hydraulic engineering sector and continue to invest in new technologies to keep it at the forefront of its industries and also best modern business practices.

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